Location: Voice of OC Headquarters, Santa Ana

President Roger Bloom called the meeting to order at 7:09 p.m. in the office of Voice of OC, welcoming newly elected and re-elected board members.

Present: Bloom, Richard Chang, Alma Fausto, Dennis Foley, Hannah Fry, Brittany Hanson, Kathy Hobstetter, Patty Marsters, Niyaz Pirani, Parimal Rohit, Norberto Santana, Greer Wylder.
Absent: Pete Weitzner.

Election of officers.
President-- Nominations were opened to select a president for the new board year.
Bloom and Hanson were nominated and seconded.
Bloom was elected 7-4 by secret ballot.

 Vice president – Chang and Hanson were nominated and seconded.
Santana proposed that the board consider having two vice presidents, as both candidates wished to be actively engaged in leadership, and that they could oversee committees and with the president form a steering committee.
Foley said a bylaws change would need to be made and Chang pointed out that would require a two-thirds majority vote.
Santana’s proposal was seconded, and adopted on a 12-0 vote.
Chang and Hanson were declared vice presidents by acclamation.

Secretary – Rohit was nominated, seconded and unanimously elected.

Treasurer – Foley was nominated, seconded and unanimously elected.


Santana, Wirth-Marsters and Rohit floated the idea of having the co-VPs share committee lead duties amongst them.
Hobstetter said it might be more efficient to have all the committees communicate directly through the president.
Foley suggested the VPs could chair committees.
Fausto recommended we combine committees to be more efficient.
Five committees were suggested:
Monthly Events – Training, Mixers
MarCom – Social Media, Marketing, Website
Special Events – Scholarships, Gala
J-Day – Standalone
Board Ops – Elections and Bylaws
Did we make committee assignments more specialized last year in order to increase board participation, Hobstetter asked.
Fausto replied there won’t be much of a burden on us by collapsing overlapping committees into a larger committee, and we’d still be able to delegate when necessary.
Santana said fewer committee names = greater efficiency.
He also suggested Bloom, Chang and Hanson-Prosser discuss committee delegations as part of a steering committee.
Volunteered committee assignments (so far):
Events: Fry-Langhorne, Rohit, Wylder
J-Day: Foley
MarCom: Pirani, Chang, Hanson-Prosser
Contest/Gala/Scholarships: Chang, Wirth-Marsters, Fry-Langhorne
Board Ops: Chang
We will finalize committees at our October meeting.

Santana suggested the press club should some how be more active with 1st Amendment advocacy. Not necessarily being in favor or opposed individuals but instead speaking out on 1st Amendment issues as a general statement.
Fry-Langhorne said maybe we should agendize topics, pick an issue and discuss as a board before publicly moving forward.
Hobstetter asked whether the press club wants to be politically involved. If we get involved with one politically themed topic are we opening the door to become more active elsewhere? Are we opening a Pandora’s box?
Foley replied we could take a stand and support freedom of the press, such as advocating for access issues. But we don’t have to get into a fight with every city council.
Santana said we should focus on access and transparency. Let’s be judicious.
Foley – let’s be benign, perhaps? Maybe we can educate folks on 1st Amendment rights. What are your rights? Maybe we function similar to a grand jury?
Bloom suggested we could have a section on our website dedicated to topics such as the 1st Amendment. If there is a blow-up we can discuss it then as a board.
Wylder asked what are some other 1st Amendment issues?
Hanson-Prosser said we should also expand this to social media and discuss these topics as a hashtag (such as #FreePressFriday).
Fausto suggested we also consider providing journalistic resources, such as key media contacts and how to get in touch with people, for new journos or students.
Maybe we can have an annual event with PIOs?
Hobstetter reminded the board of her project to create OCPC press passes.
Bloom brought up the idea of whether OCPC issuing press credentials could help with credibility
Members were asked to come to the next meeting with ideas and action points.

First Wednesday of each month at 6:30p. We’ll determine location, including Voice of OC, OC Weekly/The Log, or a restaurant.
Foley asked if the board could receive meeting notices as early as possible.

Hanson-Prosser said the OCPC Facebook page is up 169% in engagements and 123% in reach.
Pirani suggested we start an Instagram account and use photos from members reporting in the field. Perhaps we could also share or publish the photos on the OCPC Facebook page, as well.

Pirani added FB Live has greater reach than other posts. Perhaps we could use FB live to interview/feature members.
Hanson-Prosser suggested a “Meet Your Members” campaign.

Foley said we have $4,000 from a Chapman grant, $1,000 donation from the school’s English department for a guest speaker, and $500 from AAJALA (which could be used for the speaker’s dinner.
Foley also discussed speakers.
The previous board contemplated having the press club kick in some funds for J-Day. Foley said there might be enough funds to cover the event but maybe the press club can kick in some assistance. Right now we’re on budget but Foley said the door is open for a funding request to be made later.
J-Day is set for 12/3/16 on the Chapman campus (9:30a to 3:30p)
Coffee will be free.
Boxed lunches are $13.99/each
Since the event is on campus Chapman is giving J-Day a free webpage on the school’s website, Foley said.
Santana tossed the idea of Wells Fargo sponsoring J-Day (they apparently asked him if they could sponsor the gala). Roger will reach out to Santana’s connection. Cox Communication is still our sponsor but nothing wrong with pursuing others.
Foley said we need to get more professional journos to attend, in addition to students.

Rohit suggested the press club have a traveling event for members, perhaps once a quarter or a couple times per year.
Foley suggested we could do some good by helping out with 2nd Harvest Food Bank.
Pirani brought up Hasthag Lunchbag as another community service-themed outing.
Hanson-Prosser suggested we should plan for flakes.
Fry-Langhorne added we could perhaps charge for the event and collect in advance as a way to increase commitments.
The press club board will revisit this topic again at the next meeting.

Press club Mixer in October? Location and date to be decided by 10/5 meeting.
Fry-Langhorne to help bring the 2nd Beer Pong event to life.
There is a talk on Snowden at the LB Art Theater; quick email blast about the event?
Santana said we should promote events hosted or involving members (such as book signings, screenings, etc.)
Chang brought up an Angels game he attended with the OC PR Society. Perhaps we’d do a joint holiday mixer with them in December? Chang will look into this.

Meeting adjourned at 8:51, 9-1 vote (Foley against).