Oct. 5, 2016, Board Meeting

At Duncan McIntosh Co. HQ
18475 Bandilier Circle, Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Meeting called to order at 6:52 p.m.

Roger Bloom
Richard Chang
Brittany Hanson-Prosser
Dennis Foley
Hannah Fry
Niyaz Pirani
Parimal M. Rohit

Patty Wirth Marsters
Alma Fausto
Norberto Santana
Greer Wylder
Kathy Hobstetter
Pete Weitzner

Minutes from September 2016 meeting
Only 5 board members voted to approve the minutes via email, which is short of what’s required for approval. So the matter was before the board. Foley moved to approve the September 2016 meeting minutes as amended via email. Fry seconded. September 2016 minutes were approved, 7-0.

Treasurer’s Report
We have $3643.77 in the checking account. Foley spoke with the previous treasurer (Jean Pasco) about the club’s funds but was not given an update on our investment account.
We also have a PO Box unit in Costa Mesa. Do we keep it there or move it elsewhere? Who would monitor the box, regardless of where we keep it?
Prosser offered to check the box regularly. We’ll keep it at Costa Mesa.

Secretary’s Report: None.

Committee Report
Contest/Gala/Scholarships: No Report
Election/By-Laws: Cane we get a copy of the updated by-laws? Chang can provide us with the amended version. Changes included changing the number of people required to be on the board and allowing for co-VPs. Method of filling vacancies is still up for discussion. Will wait until we have 2/3rds of board present to discuss.
Events Report: No Report
J-Day Report: No Report from committee
MarCom/Social Media Report: Prosser brought up assigning hashtags to board members. She also asked about posting J-Day on our website and promoting the event.
Foley asked about developing and promoting website. Pirani replied it depends upon our budget. Our budget determines whether press club website is updated in-house or via third party. We could do it internally for about $200 or outsource it for roughly $1000. Pirani built the website for his business and offered to build ours. It could take him up to 6 weeks to complete.Prosser said it would be nice if the website were completed by J-Day. Do we keep GoDaddy? Pirani used GoDaddy for his own website. Building a website is a one-many effort, he added.
Perhaps the new website can include a blog functionality?
As for posting board meeting minutes online, are we running out of pages? Not anymore. GoDaddy offers unlimited pages but we’d have to transfer old pages manually.
Pirani suggests linking minutes on its own page, organized by date.
Bloom will send website credentials to Pirani and Prosser.
Pirani would pay for new template up front and then be reimbursed by treasurer (Foley).
Prosser suggested setting a date to review progress. Progress reviewed before or by next meeting?

Committees Update
Bloom made a list of committees and assigned chairs. List is tentative. Weitzner was added to the J-Day committee.

J-Day Update
Foley said he met with the senior editor of O.C. Register and Toni Scacquia at SCANG. They were very enthusiastic about supporting J-Day. Might they be able to sponsor?
Bloom spoke with the Wells Fargo lady. She said she’s only interested in sponsoring gala, not J-Day.
Would outside sponsors jeopardize us getting rooms for free at Chapman?
J-Day could have its own webpage through Chapman, according to Foley:
Application deadline for 2017 grants is 11/4/16, according to Foley. He will apply for a max grant of $10,000. Press Club received $7,800 last year, about $4,000 for this year.
No updates were given on speakers.

Field Trip Updates
OCPC used to do trips to Disney with underprivileged children. Disney used to back these trips. Do they still do it? Jean Pasco might know. Bloom recalls doing something similar with Cambodian kids.
Did we lose this event? No one really knows.
Harvest update: Do we want to pursue? Let’s kick it to the events committee. Foley explained the process of how to go about volunteering. Fry offered to spearhead this event. We might do this in November.

October Mixer
Location: Zov’s – Tustin or Anaheim?
If we do it indoor, Tustin is ideal. Anaheim has an outdoor option. Food and desert would be hosted; bar is no-host.
Event will be Oct. 26, 6p to 9p, Tustin location.

Beer Pong Update
Henry’s Bar in Garden Grove was the previous location. It was a little cramped. Fry will tour a few places. Jan. 29 is the tentative date. Beer cost us $200? Do we charge this time around? Would an entry cost drive away participants? What if we charged $10 per team?

We already have an event for this month, but what do we do looking ahead?
November: Harvest
December: J-Day
January: Beer Pong
February through August: ???
Maybe events committee could put together a tentative calendar? Perhaps we can revisit Weitzner’s podcast idea?
Foley suggested scheduling at least two “serious” events, perhaps a panel event.

First Amendment Report
Santana is absent, so no discussion. But where do we want to place this among the committees? Maybe create a separate committee on Free Press & First Amendment? Perhaps Santana as chair?
Separate committee was indeed created and Santana was named chair. Joining the committee are Prosser, Bloom and Rohit.
Note: Bloom said he would reach out to absent board members re: committees.

Fry asked about joining the OCPC Facebook page as an admin. Pirani followed-up on creating an OCPC Instagram account, which we do not have.

Committee Meetings
Do we want to have formal committee meetings separate from board meetings? Informal meetings? No mandate, just suggestions.

New System for Approving Expenses?
Do we want to have board continue to approve all expenses? Maybe we create a threshold where the president approves without board input, such as any expenses up to $50? Should we discuss at next meeting?
Pirani moved to establish a $50 threshold for president approval; Prosser seconded.
Fry amended the motion to make threshold $100.
Vote was 6-1 in favor,
Rohit opposing. Rohit said he voted against because he wanted this item discussed with more board members present.
Motion failed since the 6 affirmative votes is not a majority of entire board.

Fry moved to adjourn. Second by Chang. Motion approved 7-0.