Present: Bloom, Chang, Fausto, Fry, Hanson-Prosser, Marsters, Pirani, Rohit, Santana, Wylder
Not Present: Foley, Hobstetter, Weitzner

Location: OC Weekly/The Log Headquarters, Fountain Valley

Call To Order: 6:34p


Pirani will be able to start on website within one week and have site ready a few days before J-Day.

Still need to do the following:
Recruit volunteers to moderate workshops
Promote attendance
Execute social media campaign
Hanson-Prosser and Pirani suggested the hashtag #JDay2016
Push the event out as much as possible
Pirani asked whether the event is already posted on Chapman’s website. (Yes)
Are there any educators or administrators at schools who can help us promote? Maybe do a Facebook Live post?
Santana asked how we could promote J-Day through non-journo outlets.
Bloom stated students mostly attended the event in the past.
Foley would get the word out through various journo professors.
Bloom suggested pushing specific panels to particular audiences.
Santana asked whether we had a budget to promote and market J-Day. Maybe $50 to $200 to a targeted audience? Perhaps we’d get a great turnout to a showcase panel. For example, maybe we target people interested in immigration.
Rohit asked how much would $200 get us? What would be the reach?
Chang suggested splitting up the budget to promote different panels.
Pirani suggested spending some money on the FB event page and then allocating the remaining budget elsewhere.
   MOTION: Set budget up to $500 for marketing campaign to promote J-Day.
   MOVER: Santana
   SECOND: Rohit
   (Passed unanimously)
Fry and Fausto are promoting internally at Times and Register.
Fausto pointed out one does not have to be an OCPC member to attend J-Day.
Pirani brought up talking points for event promotion:
Boxed Lunch
4 tracks
Panels include race, San Bernardino shooting, objectivity in journalism, etc.
Wylder asked about whether anyone from OC Business Journal would be attending.
Pirani would be the point person for promotion campaign. He asked whether the club could pay the budget in advance.
Hanson-Prosser & Santana would help Pirani write content.
Pirani said he would update the board via email re: marketing plan.

Nov. 19 or 20? Rohit will try to finalize time.

Fry will have an update at the board’s December meeting.
We will have a $200 budget for food.

Calendar of events will be finalized in committee.

No updates
Santana will try to get something posted re: 1st Amendment on the website

FB Live every Friday? How much would we spend? 8 posts = $37.50 each. Post every third day? Pirani and Santana will coordinate for FB Live post. They will meet Nov. 16 at 11a to discuss first post.


Bloom met with Wells Fargo on Nov. 10; it was merely a conceptual chat on sponsorship for the club’s gala. They would provide logos, have a table at the event, have a presence on Social Media outreach and perhaps have a few minutes at the podium. Wells Fargo would make a $5000 contribution.
Gala is funded by tickets, member fees and some help by Cox.
Cox wants to come back on a multi-year deal.
Maybe use Cox and WF to bring in other sponsors?
Marsters was uncomfortable giving any sponsor time at the podium.
Santana said there’s an argument to be made to not accept money from WF.
Bloom will meet with WF again and tell our contact about our stance.

Last meeting we discussed & voted on whether to allow board members to spend $50 or $100 without board approval (and be reimbursed later).
Chang reviewed the bylaws. Turns out the treasurer has power to spend up to $500 without board approval, so our discussion and vote in October was unnecessary.

Marsters asked about categories, so we can get it out to the membership by January.
We had a discussion of advocacy journalism.
Clear Voice/Clear Point of View = advocacy journalism?
Discussion centered on whether we should label advocacy content as sponsored content.
Santana said advocacy journalism has a place at the table, but it’s still advocacy journalism.

   MOTION: Adjourn meeting
   MOVER: Santana
   SECOND: Fry
   Passed unanimously – Meeting adjourned at 7:54p