February 1, 2017

PRESENT: Foley, Hanson, Weitzner, Chang, Marsters, Bloom, Fry, Fausto, and Rohit (call-in)
ABSENT: Pirani, Santana, Hobstetter, Wylder

LOCATION: Patty’s House, 252 N. Bobwhite Way, Orange

CALL TO ORDER: 6:50 p.m.

Minutes from Jan. 4—Not received

Office Reports
*Foley: There is $2,099 in checking account
*Bloom: There is approx. $600 coming from PayPal. Roger will be creating a new PayPal account under his name and charging info. Roger will send balance to Dennis.
*Foley: Only bills are $140 for beer pong and we got a bill from the club’s PO Box that Jean Pasco didn’t close yet. She will handle closure but we may need to pay that January bill.
*Bloom: Received contact information from Balboa Bay Resort for the contest/gala. Club wont’ be getting discount like before but Roger will review terms and sign/return


CONTEST-May 15, dinner price around same as last year but TBA

Bloom: Cox to return and committed to $1,500 and Stephanie running contest slideshow
Foley: Last year club made about $1,800 for scholarships
Bloom: Frank Mickadeit scholarship will be on hold; Frank is changing law firms and can’t commit to regular scholarship. Foley suggests we take money from board’s investment account to replace Mickadeit scholarship. Bloom says other scholarships are intact and the incoming $600+ from PayPal account could supplement. As for possible money from Wells Fargo, Bloom responded to their grant proposal with board’s concerns/suggestions but he hasn’t heard back
Marsters: Will send contest call for entries information to Roger
Foley: Our board members should share contest info with their networks especially those in the newsroom for submissions.
Fausto: Will talk to Todd Harmonson about the contest and possibly subsidizing entry and/or dinner costs for Register entries
*Foley makes motion to approve the contest venue and contract; Marsters seconds motion. Unanimous votes to approve
Foley: Suggest discussion of Sky Dunlap Award nominees
Weitzner: Suggest CBS Local’s Michele Gile
Fausto: Suggests Todd Harmonson, senior editor OC Register
Bloom: Suggests Tom Johnson, formerly Daily Pilot and NB Independent
Foley: Suggests Patty Marsters of OC Weekly
Discussion ends with agreement to brainstorm more possibilities

*Rohit proposes a pitch event with possible panel of editors as judges
*Group discusses ideas for event and what audience to aim it to
*Discussion ends with agreement to brainstorm more

Journalism Day
*Foley: Announces he can no longer dedicate as much time as chair and program director of the J-Day conference. Chapman University wants event geared more for Chapman students exclusively and wants Foley to focus more on internships for students
*Weitzner: Will inquire about broadcast program taking over as host of the J-Day conference to fulfill grant in place
*Foley: Suggest setting up journalism event for Chapman students solely and something else for others; Foley will still help but will have lesser role in conference

OC Journalism Education Association, Feb. 25 (Saturday)
*High school journalism contest; judges needed

*Foley to write up a call for judges and Roger will distribute

Call to Adjourn: 8:24 p.m.
Unanimous Vote to Adjourn