Present: Bloom, Chang, Foley, Hobstetter, Marsters, Pirani, Rohit, Weitnzer, Wylder
Not Present: Fausto, Fry, Hanson-Prosser, Santana

 Location: OC Weekly/The Log Headquarters, Fountain Valley

 Call To Order: 6:55 p.m.

 Minutes from 11/10 Meeting approved, 9-0 (M: Marsters, S: Weitzner) 


Treasurer’s Report
OCPC checking account has formally been switched to a personal account (at Wells Fargo)
Investment account has about $11,000 and managed by a firm. Foley is trying to transger this to Wells Fargo savings.
Checking account had $3,700, minus $500 to Pirani & $500 to AAJ.
We need to provide a letter to transfer investment to savings.
Checking account is in Foley’s name, but is Foley exposed?
Should we incorporate or file as a business? What are the tax implications?

Secretary’s Report

Bylaws - some provisions are outdated. Chang will discuss updates at next meeting.

Wylder said event was awesome.
Weitzner said attendance was highest ever.
Pirani - San Bernardino panel was informative.
Foley - Everyone was over the moon. Speakers want to comer back, audiences were engaged and asked good questions. Panel format worked well too. Diversity of panels worked as well. The audience for showcase panel was primarily made up of adults.
About 150 in attendance, compared to 100 or so in the past. Overall a great event.
How can we measure the number of people who came because of our social media campaign?
Perhaps we need to survey people at the event and ask them how they found out.
Maybe we should have a way to register attendees the next J-Day?
Weitzner compliment the event’s organization and substance.
Chang said attendance was notably higher.
Foley asked for $500 to cover some expenses not included in the budget (i.e. airfare). 
     M: Hobstetter. S: Weitzner. Vote: 9-0 in favor.
Wylder asked if we could solicit donations at future J-Days. Problem with pay is it might result in lower turnout. Pay conferences also changes liability/exposure/insurance issues.

Pirani still working on it, will be ready soon.
Can’t switch from Word Builder to Word Press and this appears to be the issue.

Getty Center exhibit. Proposed Date: Jan. 8. We’d all go on our own, meet at the lobby. Work with MarCom committee to promote.
Harvest: Schedule in February, perhaps? Rohit will coordinate.
Beer Pong: Fry still trying to finalize. Location TBD.

Bloom updated Foley on what we discussed at the November meeting. Bloom hasn’t connect with our Wells Fargo contact since the last meeting.

Pirani said he’d like to see advocacy journalism as a category, so he could submit stuff from his blog.
Marsters asked whether we should replace Digital with Advocacy Journalism/.
Wylder: Should social media be it’s own category?
Marsters would need suggested changes to the list by mid-January.
Bloom: What categories should we delete?
Foley suggested we reserve the right to drop a category if less than 3 submitted in the category.
Marsters: Best Feature Story should be collapsed into one (News and Mag together).
Wylder: Should we offer a Best Interview category?
Best Interview would work well for broadcast or digital, but doesn’t really work for print.
Had a discussion about advocacy journalism and what it means.
Pirani said Advocacy Journalusm isn’t degrading.
Basic categories: Print/Digital, Advocacy Journalism, Blogs, Broadcast, Digital, Graphics/Photo, Best of OC.


Date not yet set. May 8 or 15 (Monday)?
Bloom will continue to chat with Balboa Bay Resort.
Tentative date: May 15.

Foley: Dues are low. Should we consider raising dues? We haven’t changed dues in 15 years.
Currently: Students $10, Press $25, Non Press $50. 
Maybe double rates? Raise $10? Let’s think about this and discuss later. Item tabled.

Update profiles on website.
Also maybe this should serve as a resource.
Chang showed us an example of AAJA Board profiles.
Add an “About Us” to the site.
Maybe have a speaker’s bureau section? A benefit of membership?
Bloom will pass info to Fausto (the above was her suggestion).

M: Hobstetter
S: Chang
Vote: 8-0 

Next Meeting: Jan. 4.