The Orange County Press Club exists to support, promote, and defend quality journalism in Southern California. We seek to encourage journalists by providing networking opportunities and by hosting regular events with topics of interest to a broad spectrum of journalists.

Our members include Orange County based publishers, editors, journalists, reporters, broadcasters, public information officers, public relations professionals and journalism students.

The primary mission of the club is to provide a networking opportunity for those employed by news organizations, magazines and new media in Orange County. The club's goal is to foster relationships among the members of the OC Press, to support those interested in entering the profession, and to recognize excellence in writing and reporting in Orange County.

 Board of Directors 2018-19

 Roger Bloom (Treasurer) 
 Alma Fausto (President) 

 Hannah Fry (Vice President)
 Kathy Hobstetter
 Patty Marsters

 Daniel Langhorne (Secretary)